About WSUP

Humanity In Action In The Community

Woolwich Service Users Project (WSUP) is a grassroots charity that provides practical and emotional support to those seeking help in our community.

We offer essential services including a warm and safe community space where people in need can access hot meals, showers, haircuts, a laundry service and a clothing bank. We support people who are going through, or are at risk of, poverty, homelessness, addiction and any other life challenges. We are a non-judgmental environment and our doors are open to everyone in our community who needs us. 

We go above and beyond by offering a range of wellness activities, along with invaluable accommodation support and initiatives designed to facilitate people’s recovery. This comprehensive service reflects our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our service users (guests), addressing both immediate and long-term needs. 

What our guests have to say

“This place is magic, because there’s nowhere else to go. Other places have been shut down. They help you out when you come here, with food, and it’s a nice place to meet, to chat. The staff are really nice. Some of them I’ve known from other places and they remember me. Without this place lots of people wouldn’t survive.”

“Initially, when I first heard of it, I wasn’t sure what to expect, what to do. But when I came, I was excited and I participated in everything they were doing. I have tried to mix with many people who have come along, which I enjoy the most. I enjoy taking part in the art.”

“I was on the streets for three nights. I was lucky. A church got me off the streets and got me a room. I learnt about this place through another friend who comes here. I know people who have been on the streets for months, even years. Lots of people pick this place as their favourite, it gives them something to look forward to.”

“I like coming here because there are different faces, you get to know people. Staff are very polite and helpful. You can talk to the people here.”

“It’s like a little piece of heaven. When you come here you know nobody will give you any grief.”

“It’s a lovely service for people who haven’t got family or friends, and have got problems in life, to come and share.”

“WSUP’s a lifeline for people like me.”