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Jas’s story

Posted on 8th Jul 2024

Jas Sahota, WSUP’s Head of Operations and Community Relations Manager, shares his story of addiction and recovery.

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Democracy Drive – What’s it all about?

Posted on 13th Jun 2024

Democracy Drive aims to increase low voter turnout in Woolwich and the wider borough of Greenwich, particularly among homeless people.

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Max Communications supports WSUP

Posted on 13th May 2024

David Cordery, WSUP Trustee and Director of Max Communications, tells us why his company is committed to supporting WSUP and making a positive difference in our community.

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Brenda’s story

Posted on 11th Mar 2024

“If I had to sum up WSUP in a few words they would be: happiness, optimism, encouragement, wellness, inspiration.” WSUP guest Brenda shares her experiences of coming to our drop-in sessions.

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Glen’s story

Posted on 14th Feb 2024

WSUP guest Glen shares his story of homelessness and survival. “When my relationship broke up I had to move out and I had nowhere to go. I ended up on the streets for over a year. Homelessness is not a choice.”

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Rough Sleepers in Greenwich

Posted on 14th Dec 2023

Recently we were visited by Charlie, Greenwich Council’s Rough Sleeping Coordinator. She came to give WSUP volunteers a talk about rough sleeping in the borough. I knew there was a housing crisis but I didn’t realise the scale of the problem.

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