Max Communications supports WSUP

Posted on 13th May 2024

David Cordery, WSUP Trustee and Director of Max Communications, tells us why his company is committed to supporting WSUP and making a positive difference in our community.

“We believe in empowering individuals and communities to thrive, and WSUP’s initiatives resonate deeply with these beliefs.”

There are several compelling reasons why our company wholeheartedly supports WSUP both financially and through active contributions and support.

At the heart of our company ethos is a deep commitment to social responsibility and making a positive impact on the lives of others. Supporting WSUP allows us to fulfil this commitment by addressing critical social issues in our community.

As a responsible company, we recognise the importance of giving back to the communities in which we operate. By supporting WSUP, we actively contribute to improving the well-being and quality of life of vulnerable individuals in our area.

WSUP’s mission aligns closely with our company values, making it a natural choice for our support. We believe in empowering individuals and communities to thrive, and WSUP’s initiatives resonate deeply with these beliefs.

Incorporating the WSUP logo into all company email footers sends a powerful message to our clients that we care about social issues and are actively involved in supporting meaningful causes. Clearly conveying that we are a compassionate company, driven by values beyond mere financial gain. By mentioning WSUP on our website and being featured on theirs, we not only increase awareness of the charity but also showcase our commitment to corporate social responsibility to a wider audience.

Encouraging our staff to volunteer (paid by the company) for WSUP as an enrichment activity not only provides them with a meaningful way to give back to the community but also fosters team spirit and personal development among our employees.

Supporting WSUP offers the added benefit of tax advantages, as the value of our donations is deductible from our profits before calculating the corporation tax liability.

Overall, our support for WSUP reflects our dedication to making a positive difference in our community, while also aligning with our business values and beliefs. Through our partnership with WSUP, we are proud to contribute to building hope and a brighter future for all members of our community.