Brenda’s story

Posted on 11th Mar 2024

WSUP guest Brenda shares her experiences of coming to our drop-in sessions.

“I first came to WSUP five years ago as a fundraiser when it was in the Methodist church before it moved to the new place [in Brookhill Road]. I heard people talking about it in Woolwich. I run a knit and natter group in the library and I wanted to donate some money to help homeless people. Everyone here was so nice and they invited me to stay.

“During the week I chat to homeless people on the street and I tell them about this place so they know where to go. WSUP provides warmth and somewhere to have something to eat and drink and they do drug and alcohol support.

“You get a lot of laughter here. It’s a good wellbeing place for people who are lonely. People can come here and make new friends. When it’s not open people miss it. I like the company. It’s good to do laundry when you can’t do it at home. People donate nice food and drink.

“Everyone’s different. Some people will come, eat and go. Some people will stay and have a doze. It’s a safe place if someone’s hasn’t slept all night because they’re outside. At the end of the day there’s leftover food to take home.

“We’ve had really lovely Christmas dos here. We’ve had the Woolwich Singers and an opera singer. We had a buffet and a roast dinner. I used to like the karaoke but it’s too echo-y here [at Brookhill Road]. It would be good to have more music.

“We have Falun Gong and breathwork on Tuesdays, and massage the first Tuesday of every month. They’re very good for relaxing.

“WSUP is always open to suggestions so you know you can approach them if you’ve got an idea. They might say yes or they might do it later when they’ve got funding.

“There are always new things going on. There’s art. We made a rose for Valentine’s Day and poppies for Remembrance Sunday. People play cards and board games.

“People donate useful things. Recently we’ve had snoods, hotel toiletries, hot-water bottles. Homeless people can have haircuts and showers and fresh clothes. It’s nice for people on the street to come and have new underwear. They’re very grateful. I’d like more things to come. It’s good when everyone’s needs are met.

“If I had to sum up WSUP in a few words they would be: happiness, optimism, encouragement, wellness, inspiration.”